About PSC

Being a mother of four children, I have hosted my share of parties over the years.  From 1st birthdays to teenage sleepovers, from Star Wars to Princesses, from Harry Potter to Winnie the Pooh (and everything else in between).  And I can't rule out Halloween, Valentines and those fun summer bashes.  As well as the impromptu family movie night party and themed get togethers.  We have celebrated every occasion that has come to be. 

With each celebration comes fantastic decorations.  Including, but not limited to, banners, cupcake toppers, party favors, treats and tags.  All this experience (and fun of course) has cultivated into a hobby over the years.  And now into a business that will bring nothing but joy and pleasure as I bring fun, laughter and celebration to another household.  I make an effort to treat each party that I create for as my own.  Bringing together my love for creativity and good old fashioned fun.  So, while I fill my soul with this creative aspect I enjoy being a simple mom who works from my home, creates with my hands, and loves with all my heart.